Friday, November 30, 2012

Etsy store and other excitement!

In the last week I've created:
- an Etsy store to sell my jewelry
- a facebook page for people to "like" and to draw them to the Etsy store
- a banner for the Etsy store
- a logo and cover image for the fb page
- an ad for the MOMS Club newsletter
- a basic business card
- a postcard that I can hand out to people

So yeah, my house is a mess LOL

If you've been admiring my stuff, I totally underpriced everything by accident.
Necklace and earring sets are only $20 plus $2 shipping.  Take advantage of my rookie mistake! :)

I've already had my first sale, which has been so much fun!  That meant I had to quickly clone a design and then figure out how to mail it securely etc.  While I did it, I kept track of the materials I used and how much time it took, which confirmed how much I underpriced it by.  The amount charged easily exceeds the cost of just materials, but the remaining "profit" made the hourly rate for my work pretty silly.  I guess compared to my "day job" it's still more, but I'll definitely be increasing the list price in the future when I list new items or re-list these items.

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