Monday, February 29, 2016

mushroom lights

I just finished this fun little project for my husband, and wrote up a rough tutorial to share.
pics were taken and manipulated with my cellphone, so I apologize for the grainy-ness of the pictures :)

* split log that will sit flat on table
* string of lantern lights
* paper mache supplies
* glue
* paint
* wire (any type)

Step 1:
place log cut side down and drill 6 large holes from top to bottom.  1/2" diameter should be big enough.

Step 2:
detach all the lantern shades from the string of lights

Step 3:
Cut the lantern shades in half with scissors.
Apply paper mache over halves and over stems made
from tube shaped pieces of cardboard.
Use the rubber rings from the original lanterns as a guide
for the top hole

Step 4:
Thread one light from string into each hole in log.
Pull up through cardboard stem, adjusting with scissors as necessary.
secure with rubber ring from original lanterns.

Step 5:
Use glue and globs of extra paper mache to attach cardboard stems to log

Step 6:
Cut two ~5" pieces of wire, twist center ~2" together.
Wind twisted portion around plyers or pen to make a loop
the size of the light bulb and spread remaining wire to form legs.
poke wire legs through shade and pinch around edge to secure

Step 7:
Paint the stems and touch up bark if necessary.
Paint inside and outside of mushroom caps.

Step 8:
Assemble!  Adjust wire loops of caps to fit snugly over lights
and adjust the wire as necessary to make it sit at the desired angle.
make sure to leave enough space around the light bulb
for heat to escape