Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tomato cage ghosts for Halloween

This past weekend we emptied out the Summer stuff from the raised beds and kids' planters.  When I was about to throw away the  rusty old tomato cages, I had an idea.  I turned them upside down and bent the spikes (that would normally be in the ground) inwards to make a rounded top.  I found 3 white-ish pillow cases (why do I even own white pillow cases?) and simply put them over the cages.  Some of them were too small to reach the bottom of the cage, but that just made it look like they were floating :)  A fat black sharpie marker gave them all different faces

I was going to use tent stakes to keep them in place on the front lawn, but I couldn't find them, so I used broken off pieces of the tomato cages, bent into a tent stake shape.

We have a lot of old dress-up stuff, so I gave one the dollar store cowboy hat, another dollar store fairy wings, and the third an old rainbow clown wig.  I tried to use solar powered lawn lanterns to light them, but the most effective light turned out to be a battery-powered LED desk lamp, also from the dollar store (notice a trend here? :)

(I think Hailey was flapping the wings of the fairy ghost in the nighttime picture :)

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